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Frayed and Faded: 7 Signs You Should Replace Your Sofa

Frayed and Faded: 7 Signs You Should Replace Your Sofa

26th Apr 2019

According to Interiors Home, “a typical sofa lasts between 7 and 15 years” on average. In this time frame, we see a lot of changes in our lives. First apartments, marriage, and even kids—all of these major life milestones can happen just in the time we own one couch. Due to this, many develop an attachment to their beloved comfy seats and possibly ignore the telltale signs that they should replace their sofas.

Audible Creaking Noises

When you have a sofa for a long period of time, you can become used to the sounds, smells, and even feel of the piece. It’s for this reason that you should pay extra attention if you suspect that you may need to replace your couch. If you begin to hear squeaking, popping, or creaking noises upon sitting down, it could mean that your sofa has structural damage. While you may be dismissive of the noises at first, structural damage prevents the couch from completely supporting your weight and can cause further damage to the piece.

Cushions Have Gone Flat

After years of sitting in the same positions, your sofa’s cushions are bound to become flat and lose their support. While this is also something many people become used to over time, remember that you shouldn’t be able to feel the frame underneath the cushions when you lay down to take a nap.

The Fabric is Unkempt

If you use your couch on a regular basis, damage such as stains and frayed fabric are inevitable. Though you should perform spot cleaning and repairs as soon as you notice the damage, that doesn’t always mean your couch will be back to its old self again after the fact. Furthermore, if kept in direct sunlight, over time a couch’s upholstery can begin to breakdown on its own; this may result in fading and even bleaching of the fabric.

There’s a Noticeable Odor

Though it may be unpleasant to think about, pets, sweaty bodies, and accidents all leave their mark on your sofa in the form of a musty odor. The couch’s fabric will trap these smells and can begin permeating the rest of the room around it. While regular vacuuming and steam cleaning have been known to help diminish the odor, the smells could eventually overpower your efforts.

You Want an Upgrade

As you go through the different stages of your life, your sofa needs are subject to change. Where you once needed it to provide enough space for you and your family to sit, you now may need it to act as a guest bed in case someone spends the night. Purchasing a sleeper sofa is a common upgrade for those with small apartments who have frequent overnight guests, while longer couches work better for individuals that like to have several guests at once. What kind of couch you’ll need is entirely dependent on your individual needs and lifestyle.

Your Style Tastes Have Changed

If the look you loved back in college is now something that you loathe, getting a new sofa is the perfect way to change the entire atmosphere of a room. Since the couch is generally the focal point of a living room, you may want to invest in one that fits your desired standards.

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