3 Ways to Maximize Your Bedroom Space

3 Ways to Maximize Your Bedroom Space

17th Apr 2019

Once you take into account all bedrooms, including master suites and smaller rooms, the average bedroom in a home measures 219 square feet. While this may seem like a lot of room upon first hearing the number, that space can fill up quickly with your belongings.

Many people struggle to find storage solutions that suit their living situation in order to take full advantage of the limited space they have. These tricks to maximizing your bedroom space will provide you with some furniture shopping and interior design tips and tricks.

Utilize Vertical Storage Solutions

When you find that you’re running out of usable floor space, it’s important to remember that you can also use the walls. Replacing a bedside table with a tall bookcase will greatly increase the number of things you can store in that area while reducing the amount of occupied space on your floor. If you’d rather have a table in that space, investing in a nightstand is another great option. Unlike a standard table, nightstands come with drawers that allow you to utilize the piece more efficiently.

Buy Multipurpose Furniture

Another simple trick to reducing the amount of clutter in your space is to buy multi-use furniture; you can use this type of furniture for more than just one task. For example, a joint dresser and vanity set is a wonderful way to keep a room organized. Equipped with large drawers for storing clothes and a mirror secured to the top, you can use this dresser/vanity to store makeup, jewelry, and other essential fashion items.

Include Storage Where You Least Suspect

If you’re still in need of some extra room, you can always implement storage solutions into pre-existing furniture items. Investing in a bed frame with built-in drawers will not only give you a stylish piece of décor but will make the most out of the space underneath your mattress to organize and store additional clutter. Another great storage solution is behind-the-door organizers. These allow you to hang extra items out of sight while still keeping them accessible.

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