5 Ways to Modernize Your Houston Apartment

5 Ways to Modernize Your Houston Apartment

24th May 2019

According to ForRent, “the average person spends about $8,176 on apartment furniture” altogether. For the established person, this may not seem like a significant amount. However, for the recent college graduate who’s struggling to make the rent payments each month, this money could be better spent elsewhere. If you’re on a budget, try out these ways to modernize your small Houston apartment.

Use Temporary Wallpaper

If your landlord is against you painting the unit, temporary wallpaper might be the thing for you. These hangable paper strips will allow you the creative freedom while making sure you keep your safety deposit. If this proves to be too expensive, you can always hang a tapestry or two to give your barren walls a splash of color and hide any imperfections.

Hang Some Personal Art

Another way to upgrade your walls is to incorporate some of your own personal art into the design. This method is perfect for those who want to make their space feel more unique without spending a fortune on custom made pieces. If you’re not crafty, you can accomplish the same modernization by simply framing and hanging a few family photos.

Lay Down Area Rugs

Some apartment units have old-fashioned flooring that shows the wear and tear from hosting tenants over the years. To give your flooring an updated and cleaned up look, consider laying a few area rugs across your space. This could be a great way to add more color to your design as well as throw in an eye-catching pattern. The rugs can also hide any nicks and cracks that are there from prolonged use.

Buy Stylish Discount Furniture

One of the key components of a modernized apartment is contemporary furniture. Though this may seem expensive, keep in mind that you can find a variety of items in good condition at local Houston discount furniture stores. These stores have pieces for every room of your apartment for just a fraction of what you’d pay for it at a brand-name store.

Brighten Up Your Space

It’s amazing what effect a little extra light can have on the overall atmosphere of a room. By investing in a couple of mirrors and opening up your blinds, the additional sunlight can make