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How to Buy the Perfect Sectional Sofa for Your Home

How to Buy the Perfect Sectional Sofa for Your Home

15th Jul 2019

Sectional sofas play an important part in modern home design. These customizable sofas have existed since the Civil War, but according to Interior Define Journal, “the design didn’t become popular until the mid-1940s, when… then-unknown [furniture designer] Harvey Probber began experimenting with modular seating arrangements.” The demand for sectional sofas quickly rose and sparked the beginning of what we know as modern design. Benefit from the versatility and customization of these pieces by learning how to buy the perfect sectional sofa.

Research Your Options

Once you begin noticing signs that you should replace your sofa, it’s crucial that you start researching your new furniture investment. Sectionals, in particular, come in three basic shapes for you to consider:


These sofas typically come in three to five segments, including a corner piece and two arm sections on either side. Some variations on the design only have one arm section or a chaise at the end of the sectional.


U-shaped sectionals consist of an additional three to five sections and create a large nook in which individuals can sit cozily. While they take up more space than L-shaped sofas, they create the perfect environment for conversation and are very useful for entertaining guests.


A sectional is considered curved if its corner section is rounded. However, a curved sectional can also consist of all rounded segments. This type is typically used to evoke a cozy and stylish atmosphere.

Take Measurements and Plan

When you decide on what basic shape you want for your room, it’s important that you take measurements and decide how many sections will fit in the space. Because sectionals are so customizable, they can be adjusted to fit a variety of room shapes and layouts. This aspect allows you to be creative and adjust the sectional to fit the room.

You should also consider the price range at this point. Sectionals can be expensive, especially if you want a larger model with more sections, so you need to be sure you’re staying within your budget. The fabric type, size, and materials all contribute to the price of these sofas, and determining which of these is most important to you can help lower the price. For instance, if you want a more expensive upholstery such as leather, you can consider downsizing the sectional to keep the price more manageable.

Details to Consider

When you go to incorporate the sectional into your home’s design, it’s key that you pair the sofa with other aspects of the room. Purchasing a large area rug is one way to do this: the rug can extend beyond the edges of the sectional and help the room feel larger. Another method is to keep a coffee table parallel with the inner edges of the sofa to ensure that the table is within reach to anyone sitting on the sofa.

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