How to Prepare Your Home for the Perfect Game Day

How to Prepare Your Home for the Perfect Game Day

Posted by Bi-Rite Furniture on 23rd Apr 2019

After watching television, socializing and communicating was the most common leisure activity in 2017. Individuals across the country spent “about twice as much time socializing on weekend days (averaging 58 minutes per day) as on weekdays (31 minutes)”.

Game days are one of the beloved events where people can partake in both these laid-back activities. While it may not be Superbowl season just yet, you and your friends can still enjoy a game day at any time throughout the year, with any sport. If you’re looking to throw one of these get-togethers, be sure to study up on how toprepare your home for game day.

Organize Your Entry Way

As your guests start arriving for your party, it’s crucial that you have space for their things as they come through the door. To prepare, collect all of your personal items, such as shoes, jackets, and bags, and store them away for the duration of the party. This way, you can keep that space open for your guests’ items while maintaining a neat and organized area near the front door.

If you have a designated entryway or closet in your home, you may also want to consider adopting alternative storage methods to keep things in order throughout the party. One possible option could be to use designated baskets for shoes, bags, and other accessories. This way, your guests will be able to find their things easily and they won’t be wondering where they left them.

Ensure Great Seating

The most important part of preparing your home for game day is to have the perfect seating arrangement for watching the game. To make sure you provide enough seating, take note of how many guests you invited and how many of them have confirmed they’re attending. Once you have a close estimate, it may be beneficial to have seats available for five to ten more individuals than you expect. Having a few extra seats will allow you to prepare just in case you have people arrive late or unexpectedly. If you don’t have enough chairs for everyone, consider bringing in some from other rooms of the house or even borrowing a few from your neighbors.

Once you have enough seats, you need to make sure that they are all positioned in the proper way so that everyone will be able to see the television. You may need to rearrange the pre-existing furniture, and even move a few pieces out of the room. How much you have to move things around is entirely dependent on your home’s layout and the number of people you invited over.

Have a Quality Television Setup

In your preparations, you’re also going to want to make sure that your TV is large enough, and at the proper angle, so everyone can view it from various locations across the room. While large, high-definition TVs can be expensive—it’s for this reason that many companies offer television rentals; consider this option if you’re someone that doesn’t host game days often.

Having your television properly set up and on the proper channel prior to your guests arriving is another important preparation for your game day extravaganza. This will make it so that you aren’t fumbling to get things ready just as the game’s starting and you can focus on other things. As you set your TV up for the party, make sure you organize all necessary cables so they’re out of the walking areas of the room—you don’t want anyone tripping over the power lines. Investing in discount furniture such as a television stand could help if you’re struggling with keeping all of the wires out of the way.

Create Places for Guests to Put Things

As you go about your game day, you may realize that there isn’t enough space for your guests to place their drinks and snacks. If left to their own devices, guests will typically place their beverages on the floor or in their laps, potentially resulting in accidental spills if you’re not careful. To avoid these accidents, it’s crucial that there’s enough extra space for people to place their things without needing to constantly monitor it.

One way to increase the amount of table space is to move some of the belongings currently occupying them. You may want to consider this anyway as there’s potential for things to break in a house full of people. Safely storing away your breakable possessions will give you the space you need while also providing you with the peace of mind that nothing will happen to them.

If you still don’t have enough space, adding occasional tables, such as coffee tables or end tables, will give your guests the space they need to keep food and drinks out of the way while offering a stylish flair that is sure to compliment your home’s interior design scheme.

Protect Against Spills and Messes

On top of creating more space to put things, you can also protect your home from spills by making sure there are enough plates and napkins available for serving food. The more accessible plates and napkins are, the more likely it is that your guests will use them, reducing the risk of them dropping something on the floor. Having coasters readily available will decrease the amount of cleanup in the same manner.

If you want to further contain the aftermath of the party, designating off-limits areas to your home might be the way to go. These rooms will be able to act as storage for your fragile belongings and assure you that you’ll only have to worry about messes happening in the other areas of your home.

Prepare the Kitchen

Though your living room is where most of the party will be, the kitchen is where the food is located so it’s important that you make that room guest-friendly as well. Since kitchens tend to get messy very quickly, starting off with a clean and organized space will make it easier to clean up afterward. Organizing in this manner before your game day will also give you an opportunity to find the essential items you’ll need during the event—such as party platters, serving spoons, plates, and napkins.

As you clean, be sure to wipe down all of your appliances, counters, and cabinets. Along with this, you can also set aside several reserved bowls and platters for different food items. You may need to move extra items that are usually sitting on the counter to create more room for the food. We recommend labeling an unused drawer or cabinet as the “extras” location—you can keep all of those items in one place while still having access to everything you need.

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How to Prepare Your Home for the Perfect Game Day.