Key Tips for Organizing Your Dresser

Key Tips for Organizing Your Dresser

25th Jul 2019

Our dressers are one of the most important furniture pieces in our homes. They act as storage for all our essential clothing items and we rely on them to house these items in a way that maximizes our bedroom’s space. Along with this, we also want to organize our clothes so we can easily find what we’re looking for; but when our stock of clothes grows, it becomes more difficult to fit what we need where they belong. Practice these tips for organizing your dresser to make the most out of your wardrobe.

Begin by Emptying Your Drawers

To organize your dresser drawers, you need to start the process with a clean slate. This will give you an opportunity to see what you have and make a plan for how to proceed. You can also take the time to refold any larger clothing items and experiment with how much space different items take up.

Cut Down on Extras

As you go through your clothes, it’s often beneficial to ask yourself how many of those things you regularly wear. According to Credit Donkey, “The average adult aged 25-34 spends $161 per month on clothing.” With how regularly we buy clothing, it’s for the best to occasionally throw out some of our older, less used, items. Separate your regularly used items from your extras to ensure you have enough space for what you need.

Make Note of Seasonal Items

You should also separate seasonal clothing from the rest of your stock. Items that are exclusively used during the winter months don’t need to be accessible during the summer. They just take up much-needed space, so take the time to switch them out for summer outfits.

Give Each Drawer a Category

Once you know which items belong in your dresser, it’s important to assign specific items to certain drawers. If you create a system in this manner, you will find what you need quickly and easily without needing to dig through the contents of other drawers.

Use Organizers

For drawers that contain smaller items like socks and undergarments, you might want to use a specialized organizer to further distinguish individual items. This will help keep everything in the proper order and eliminate the need to rummage through the drawer for a specific item.

Consider Storage in Other Places

When you switch out seasonal items or pack bulkier clothing, you might want to store them in other areas. For instance, jackets and other hangable items are often better cared for in a closet, while foldable clothing can be placed in a storage bin under the bed. These alternatives ensure that you always have access to what you need but still have enough room in the dresser for what you immediately require.

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