Pet-Proofing Your Furniture: Tips for Animal-Lovers

Pet-Proofing Your Furniture: Tips for Animal-Lovers

Posted by Bi-RIte Furniture on 22nd Jul 2019

According to the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, “98% of pet owners agree that their pet is an important part of their family.” Because our pets are so precious to us, it’s only natural that we want to treat them as well as we treat other members of the family. However, even if we want our pets to enjoy the family home just as we do, they can easily cause costly damage to our furniture. Protect the longevity of your belongings by using these steps to pet-proof your furniture.

Choose Durable Materials

When you’re selecting a new loveseat, chair, or other piece of upholstered furniture, be sure to take your pets into account. You may have your heart set on a smooth, velvety fabric, but your pets can easily ruin such delicate fabrics. To ensure that your furniture holds up to pet activity, purchase furniture with more durable upholstery. Leather and microfiber, for instance, are easy to clean and don’t trap stains within their fibers.

Use Furniture Covers

If your pet enjoys sitting on the couch, secured covers allow them to do so while protecting the upholstery from dirt and damage. Though they don’t intend to, your pet can scratch or rip fabrics with their sharp claws. Using these covers as an extra layer of protection will go a long way in reducing the daily wear and tear on your furniture. The covers can also be removed and washed clean of dirt and hair.

Regularly Groom Your Pets

Another way to protect your furniture is to prevent shedding. Regularly brushing your pets will ensure that less fur ends up on your furniture’s surfaces. This will lead to fewer cleanings for you and prolong the lifespan of the furniture piece. Additionally, cutting your pet’s nails before they get too long will help prevent snags and rips in the fabric.

Steer Their Attention Elsewhere

Pets tend to jump up on the furniture when they aren’t satisfied with their own bed. Purchasing a comfortable bed for them—and training them to use it—is key to keeping them off your nicer surfaces. Teaching them to play with their own toys will also ensure that they chew on those rather than on your table or sofa legs.

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