Transform Your Furniture for Christmas

Transform Your Furniture for Christmas

Posted by Bi-Rite Furniture on 22nd Dec 2020

This is the season for getting our homes ready for family gatherings and holiday parties. Whether you love decorating for Christmas or find it a chore, the good news is that you don’t need a lot to make your space festive. You can transform your current furniture for Christmas using these simple suggestions for the different pieces in your room.

The nice thing about Christmas is that your Christmas tree typically becomes the focal point in your space. This allows you to take a less-is-more mentality with decorating the rest of your furniture, such as your couch and chairs, coffee and end tables, and console tables. You don’t have to cover every inch of your room with holiday décor to make a statement. In fact, when you choose just several other seasonal items to accent your tree, it draws more attention to those pieces.

As far as color goes, while your space doesn’t need to be matchy matchy, aim for some similarly colored accent pieces. Stick to the some neutrals that go with the usual décor of your home, then focus on incorporating one to two main brighter colors.

For instance, if your home has more wood tones and beige, go with a brown and gold décor with pops of rich reds. Or if your home has a cooler color scheme, try grays and silvers with green accents. Keep in mind that you can always go outside the traditional red and green Christmas décor box too!

Keeping these things in mind, here are some of our holiday furniture transformation recommendations:

Transform Your Couch for Christmas

A quick swap of your normal throw pillows or blankets for festive alternatives creates an easy and dramatic change. Try using an assortment of sizes, patterns, and textures in your pillow and blanket choices with pops of Christmas colors. Use the strictly-Christmas pillows (ones with a snowflake silhouette or a Christmas saying on them) as accents to solid ones or those with patterns.

Convert Your Coffee Table for Christmas

A great way to spruce up your coffee table for the holidays is to create a vignette on a tray or in a shallow basket. This makes it easy to move if you need to use your coffee table while entertaining. Also keep in mind that greenery goes a long way – go outside and see what you can find!

Make Over Your Console Table for Christmas

Whether you’re using your console table in your entryway or living room, swap out a few of your normally displayed accessories for Christmas ones! So if you normally display a mirror or other artwork behind the table, you could swap it out for a wreath or holiday word art, depending on the feel you are trying to create for the room. If you usually have a lamp on the table, switch it out for candles or a lantern with some festive greenery and berries. If you typically feature a statue, try some glass Christmas trees or holidaying picture frame with a seasonal photo of your family.

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