Use a Bedroom Mirror to Build Self-Confidence

Use a Bedroom Mirror to Build Self-Confidence

19th Jun 2019

Mirrors are often considered the sources of many personal insecurities—but even so, we still spend a good portion of our time looking in them. In fact, according to WGNA, “Men spend 15 minutes looking in mirrors in bathrooms at work, the gym, and restaurants. Women spend 13 minutes.” Whether we realize it or not, looking at ourselves in mirrors has become a key part of our days, and it’s crucial that we use that time to build our self-esteem up rather than tear it down. Learn how to use a mirror to build self-confidence.

Purchase a High-Quality Mirror

The first step in your esteem-building process should be to purchase a mirror that you love looking at. Mirrors aren’t all made the same: some can make you look larger, while others can make you look smaller. Having an accurate mirror in your home will give you a clearer image of yourself. As you shop for high-quality bedroom mirrors, spend some time looking in each of them to find one that isn’t distorted in any way.

Create a Positive Relationship with the Mirror

Looking in the mirror often makes us self-conscious, so it’s crucial that you develop a positive mindset. Embrace an encouraging mantra for when you use the mirror: try telling yourself that you’re beautiful or that you’re going to have a great day. Replacing your self-criticisms with your chosen mantra will improve your experiences in front of the mirror. It will also help you carry that positive attitude through the rest of your day.

Perform Everyday Tasks in Front of the Mirror

Performing everyday tasks in front of a mirror can help you get an idea of how you look as you go about your day. Many people who choose to work out in front of the mirrors at the gym find it to be a great motivator, as they can see how hard they’re working. The key to developing a positive self-image in the mirror is to not be afraid of it—hiding from your reflection won’t help you feel any better about yourself.

Adjust Your Body Language

Things as simple as standing up straighter or smiling can greatly affect how your reflection appears to you. These small things will make getting ready in the morning a more positive experience, as you’ll look and feel better when you look into the mirror. Developing good posture is also beneficial to your overall health because it slows the spine-curving effects of aging.

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